About Us

My name is Dodie Johnson, my family and I reside on three acres in the beautiful foothills of Northern California. When people use the expression “raised in a barn” they were probably talking about us! Between my two adult children, two grandchrilldren, cats, dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and even a llama.  But no Partridge in a pear tree!

My love for Persians started when I was a little girl. My grandmother had a blue eyed white Persian named Shimi Co. I can remember my grandma and I feeding her raw liver and half and half. Shimi Co had such a personality, and would use her paw to pick up the liver to eat it. She lived to be almost 25 and left a lasting impression on all who met her.

A few years and time spent rehabilitating Persians later, I found myself with my beloved Fossi. He had a face only a mother could love; lost an eye and maybe a tooth or two. I adopted him when he was around 6. Fast forward many years and many trips (he traveled with us, even camping) later he passed in my arms leaving me with paw prints all over my heart and new purpose and passion!

I began working with rescues and shelters with a focus on Persian cats. These beautiful creatures seemed to end up abandoned at a young age due to health issues. Most seemingly stemming from improper breeding. With my love for the breed I hated to see these beautiful Persians suffer due to our irresponsibility. I decided to begin my breeding program and MyWish Persians was born!

My dream is to bring the love I have for Persians and Exotics to every family I meet, so I make  it a point to socialize and handle them daily to prepare them for life in any style of home!  I do this by having the kittens in our home with us at all times. This consists of lots of floor time with the family including our grand babies.  All of  our breeding Females and Males are genetically tested for a wide spectrum of abnormalities that are common health issues known to persians and exotics, including PKD.  I am very proud to report our entire cattery is healthy and tested negative for PKD!  You can rest assured that the kittens from MyWish will be happy and healthy.  Should you choose to show a MyWish kitten know that they come from a long line of the best.   This includes the Best Black Persian internationally in the show year of 2017/18 in TICA, along with multipal Champions and Supreme Grand Champions in both TICA and CFA.   Let us provide you with the best of the best Persian and Exotic Kittens inside and out!

My Beautiful family!
My Husband, daughter, son in law, son 
and grand baby!

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